Enable the “From” field in Outlook and OWA

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In Microsoft Outlook 2010 you can enable the From field when sending emails to other users.  This is useful if you wish to send as a department Exchange public folder or Cyrus IMAP Bulletin Board.

Note: You must have permissions to send as the public folder or bulletin board. This access can be granted by submitting a CAR form.
  1. Open a new Email in Outlook and select Options > From
    From options
  2. The From field should now be displayed above the To field, if you have multiple accounts you can select which address to send from.
    From account select
  3. By selecting Other E-mail Address you can add additional email addresses to send From.  If the address is listed in your contacts or in the Global address list you can select from and add the address as a send From option.
    From Other Email Addresses
    Choose Sender: Contacts

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You can also enable the From field using UTD webmail.utdallas.edu OWA.

  1. After logging into webmail.utdallas.edu with your net id and password open a new email as you would in Outlook and select Options.
    Options select
  2. In Message Options select the checkbox for Show From and select OK.
    Message Options
  3. The From field is now enabled along with the Other e-mail address option.
    From Field
    From drop down box

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