About This Theme

Starkers Bare-Bones Theme

Starkers is a bare-bones WordPress theme created to act as a starting point for the theme designer. Free of all style, presentational elements, and non-semantic markup, Starkers is the perfect ‘blank slate’ for all your WordPress projects.

Best of all: it’s free and fully GPL-licensed, so you can use it for whatever you like — even commercial work.”

Responsive CSS Framework

This theme uses Unsemantic, the successor to the very popular 960 Grid System. Unsemantic allows you to easily and quickly create responsive layouts using grid modules defined entirely by percentages, instead of pixels.

UTD Style

  • Inspired by UTD’s Mars Theme
  • Full-width header.
  • DIN Web-font. (not functional on my server)
  • Easily customizable.
    • Menus – via the WordPress Menu panel
    • Custom page templates – Starkers “Parts” system makes custom templates easy.

Cross-Browser Consistency

Meyer’s Reset CSS

Meyer’s reset could be considered overkill, but I like working with it because it provides a truly blank slate for development.

Normalize CSS

Normalize CSS is a continuation of the idea behind Meyer’s reset. Its purpose is to smooth out the differences between browser’s user agent stylesheets rather than nuke everything and start fresh. I’ve included it because, even though I have applied Meyer’s reset, Normalize brings back a few nice rules.

Formalize CSS

Formalize is a lot like Normalize, except in this case it’s focusing on smoothing out the differences in the way each browser displays form items.

Fully Semantic HTML5

While building this theme I have endeavored to keep style completely separate from stucture. All content is segregated by classes and id’s named for their place in the structure, rather than how they will appear. (e.g. #sub-nav rather than #light-green-nav )

Strictly adhering to this standard means that any and all aspects of the appearance of this site can be changed from one CSS file. Or, if a department wishes to override the default styling of an item, the new css will be simple and intuitive.

Root em (rem) Units

All of the font sizing and layout in this theme is defined with rem units. Any change to root font size will scale not just text, but the entire layout. rems are slightly cumbersome to work with, at first, but once you’re familiar with how they work layout design becomes very intuitive.

To this end, I have created my own copies of Unsemantic, Normalize, and Formalize, where all px definitions have been converted to rem’s.